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Your strategic partner in securing and retaining world-class talent, we help you to navigate the entire process with ease. Get better people placement today with Neazor Brady.

Finding you the very best  talent in the world.
(without the stress)

Experienced & Knowledgable

We specialise in hard-to-find skills in specialist markets. Tap in to our worldwide talent pool today.

We recruit locally and off-shore, leveraging our extensive immigration and settlement skills to source, secure and settle candidates into roles - and into life - here in New Zealand.

Neazor Brady: Expert Talent Navigation.

Caring & Connected

Our consultative strategic approach supports your talent build plan, while our settlement and orientation support helps your new hires feel right at home from day one.

So if you’re feeling frustrated or flustered with the talent acquisition process, lean on Neazor Brady. We remove the stress and take on the challenges for you, as your direct partner in recruiting.

Authentic & Plain-speaking

Struggling to find excellent talent for your business? We have a simple solution.

Over the last 30 years our no-nonsense approach has allowed us to place over 1000 top-tier candidates from around the globe into leading NZ companies.

We have navigated more than 10,000 visa approvals on behalf of our clients: that’s a 99.9% success rate.

Expert Talent Navigation

Neazor Brady is your strategic partner in securing talent, committed to supporting the growth of your business through better people placement.

Meet the Directors

Connor Brady


Catherine Neazor Brady


Our Story

Neazor Brady's journey traces back to the inception of Emerald HR Solutions.

Through our 30+ years in immigration we witnessed the immense potential of skilled migrant staff and the challenges businesses faced in acquiring and retaining talent.


Today, we empower businesses and individuals to flourish in an interconnected world, making growth and success easy at every step.

Your down-to-earth experts


Years in Recruitment


Highly Skilled Candidates Placed


Visas Approved


Visa Success Rate

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We Find the Right Person Every Time

We are one of New Zealand’s most experienced steel fabricators and industrial engineering providers. We have a separate business with a dedicated, stand alone cutting centre specializing in CNC Plate and Sheet Processing. We have a long history of supporting and growing local talent, but have always had a skilled migrant component in our workforce. With so many rule changes over time it has been a challenge to stay on top of how to recruit and get visas for people. Neazor Brady has been helping us with HR, recruitment and immigration for 20 years and this has helped us recruit and retain key staff, including navigating closed borders. They are always easy to talk to and can make complex issues simple. I know I don’t have to spend time trying to be an immigration expert because they are. They are very practical, and all of their staff are really focused on great customer service, whether it is towards us as an employer or towards our staff they are helping. I don’t know any other company that can offer the range of support they do, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tracey McKendry - Group Manager Administration, HR and H&S

We offer a full range of comprehensive supply chain software management solutions for the extended supply chain across a range of industries. As a multinational with our head office based in Australia, we need a reliable partner to assist us in all the requirements for new hires and existing staff moving to work for our New Zealand company. Neazor Brady is that partner! We first worked with them in 2018, and they have assisted staff from a range of different countries. Their team provides a fantastic level of support. In fact I would describe them as amazing! They have worked with us to develop realistic timetables for onboarding new hires, worked through our need for temporary and permanent visas, and look holistically at the bigger picture without missing any details. They have been very effective in helping us ensure our HR procedures and employment documents meet New Zealand Immigration and Employment Law requirements.

Cassie Kearns, HR Manager

Attracting and sourcing great talent is a challenge, so we are grateful for the partnership we have with Neazor Brady who have been supporting IT Partners in securing offshore IT professionals over the past 5+ years. The confidence that Connor and the team instill throughout the immigration process is invaluable to us, along with the ongoing guidance available for our new team members – peace and ease that make what could be a complicated process feel simple.

Dannielle Cook - People & Culture Manager

Neazor Brady has been a key player in helping us to successfully attract, employ and move over several international GPs for our practice. There have been a number of changes in the NZ immigration process and Neazor Brady have helped us to navigate our way through these to ensure we fully understand the process and we don’t miss anything.  The overseas GPs we are looking to employ have had a consistent point of contact who has been able to help them with everything from information on registration and immigration procedures, to practical questions on life in the Waikato and everything in between. Their expert Licensed Immigration Advisers have removed an immense amount of stress from the process. They have also made it quick and easy for us an employer, and work well with our HR Consultant to ensure we meet all our legal obligations. I would definitely recommend their services to people recruiting international staff in the health/medical field. It has been very good for us and our new GPs to know exactly what to expect, and to have everything taken care of with minimal time and effort required on our part.  We have also found Neazor Brady to be a very cost effective solution without compromising on quality and expertise.

Wendy Harris, Business Manager

What Clients Say About Us

1. Search

2. Selection

3. Visas

4. Settlement

5. Retention

How it works

Your one-stop-shop for Smart, Skilled Workers

You stay focused on what you're good at, we'll stay focused on what we're good at.

Yes, we sort the visas too.

From candidate search to finding the right community, we work through step-by-step to ensure long term success.

Do it once, do it right.

Transform your workplace today.

We find people that fit in on paper AND in the team.

Some of Our Employers


All The Answers You Need

  • Neazor Brady employs a meticulous approach to search and selection. We utilize advanced sourcing techniques, conduct thorough assessments, and tailor the screening process to match your specific requirements. Our goal is to identify and present you with the most qualified candidates who align with your organization's needs.

  • Neazor Brady has extensive experience in managing immigration procedures. We offer
    comprehensive guidance and assistance throughout the visa application process, ensuring compliance with immigration laws and regulations. Our team will help streamline the paperwork, communicate with authorities, and facilitate a smooth transition for the recruited candidates.

  • Absolutely! Neazor Brady understands the importance of a smooth settlement process for
    recruited candidates. We provide comprehensive support, including assistance with housing, relocation logistics, orientation programs, and cultural integration guidance. Our aim is to ensure a seamless transition and help candidates feel at home in their new environment.

  • Neazor Brady's commitment extends beyond recruitment. We offer ongoing support and strategies to enhance long-term employee retention. Our services include performance management programs, career development initiatives, employee engagement activities, and personalized retention plans. We work closely with you to create an environment that fosters growth, job satisfaction, and loyalty among your team members.

  • Neazor Brady has a proven track record of successfully acquiring talent for
    organizations across various industries. Our expertise and comprehensive approach have enabled us to consistently deliver exceptional results. We have helped numerous clients secure top talent from around the world, contributing to their growth and success.

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