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Business planning in the face of NZ’s growing skills shortage

The skills shortage is consistently cited as the biggest issue faced by New Zealand businesses and, thanks to current border closures, it will only get worse.

There are extreme restrictions on who can enter New Zealand, and businesses are unlikely to be able to easily access offshore talent until 2022, at the earliest.  A lack of trained and experience staff can cause a whole host of issues for employers, including:

  • Inability to fulfil orders or provide services resulting in loss of potential income
  • Additional work falling onto other staff and managers, causing stress and fatigue
  • Cashflow problems
  • Upward demand on wages due to scarcity of staff
  • Increased competition and poaching of staff from other employers
  • Existing staff setting up in self-employment
  • Missed opportunities for growth

For too long now, employers have been trying to plug holes with reactionary recruitment. This is clearly not sustainable.

At Neazor Brady we work in partnership with employers over the medium and long-term to put in place lasting human resourcing strategies that work.

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