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Immigration New Zealand Employer Accreditation support

As of 4 July 2022, you must be accredited to sponsor the visas of migrant workers.

To become accredited, you’ll need HR processes that comply with NZ employment law. Address any HR compliance issues and get your Employer Accreditation with advice from our team of HR and immigration experts.


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If you employ migrant workers this affects your business

Applications for Employer Accreditation opened on 23 May 2022. And with 30,000 NZ businesses expected to apply, you’re going to want to be front of the queue.

But it’s not just filling out a form. Next year when you come to renew your application,  Immigration New Zealand will want to be sure your HR processes comply with NZ employment law, and applications will be reviewed by a team of employment law experts from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

So, if your HR processes aren’t up to scratch, you’ve work to do before you apply.

Why you need to get your application
right first time

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Up to 30,000 NZ businesses are expected to apply for accreditation. Make sure you’re at the front of the line when applications open 9 May.

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If you don’t have accreditation you won’t be able to sponsor the visas of migrant workers. With NZ workers heading offshore, can your business cope?

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Your application is assessed by MBIE, who can fine you if your HR set-up doesn’t comply with employment law.

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Migrant workers are getting nervous and looking to shift to accredited employers. Get in early so your crew don’t jump ship.


Here’s how we can help you get accredited

Employer Accreditation support

Become accredited to sponsor the visas of migrant workers. Let us take care of the whole process for you.


Immigration and HR compliance

Immigration New Zealand is actively looking to weed out non-compliant employers. So, let us find any shortcomings in your HR systems and processes and fix them first.


Pastoral Care Plan

To become an accredited employer, you’ll need a Pastoral Care Plan to help your migrant workers settle in their new community. We can help you with this.


Give yourself the best chance of success with support from experienced immigration & HR experts

Catherine Neazor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA200900436
Connor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA201000334

Our team has 30+ years’ experience in immigration. We’re Licensed Immigration Advisers and we’ve helped hundreds of NZ businesses obtain visas for migrant workers, and tens of thousands of successful visa applications.

We’ve also managed resettlement programmes, and coached teams on cultural differences, so we understand the support your migrant workers need to thrive.

But that’s not all. With over 40 years’ experience in HR, we’ve helped hundreds of NZ businesses navigate every HR problem you can imagine. And we’re employers ourselves, so we understand your HR challenges first-hand.

You can have total peace of mind we’ve got your back when it comes to making sure your HR processes are fully compliant with NZ employment law.

We’re more than immigration advisers and here’s why that matters

If you hire an immigration adviser or lawyer, they’ll simply submit your documents without checking to see if they are compliant with employment law. And once submitted it is too late to withdraw them.

As a result:

  • You’re more likely to see your application declined.
  • If your HR systems are non-compliant, you could be prosecuted or have an alert warning placed on your file. Accreditation applications are assessed by a team of employment law experts from MBIE, the same ministry that penalises employers for not complying with employment law.
  • Worst case scenario, if you break employment or immigration law you can be black-listed, which means that you can no longer sponsor the visas of migrant workers, and you could also be fined or even imprisoned.

Our team of HR and immigration experts will check your application and your HR processes. We’ll make sure everything is right, before we submit your application to Immigration New Zealand, giving you a far better chance of success.


Immigration New Zealand Employer Accreditation FAQs

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Get started today and give yourself the best chance of accreditation success

Although applications open 9 May, we recommend starting to prepare for your application now, in case your HR processes need to be updated to become compliant with NZ employment law. Book a free, confidential consultation today.

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