If you want to operate your business under Covid-19 Alert level-3, you will first of all need to show that you are not able to operate your business from home, can operate safely and have a Covid-19 health and safety plan in place. Having a plan in itself is not suffcient evidence should it be required by the Ministry of Health or MBIE you actually need to implement evrything that is in your plan. That said, having a plan is a good first step and it gives you the framework to implement it.

We are curently able to offer Covid-19 Health and safety plans to help uo open at alert level 3 plans as well as practical support with implementation. Most people don’t know the legislation or what is required of them.

It doesn’t make sense to lose time reading up on Health and Safety rules when you have so many other things you should be doing to get your business ready for Tuesday. Let us do it for you.

Things you need to consider and implement.

  • Assessing the risk to you and your staff
  • Staffing requirements to operate your business safely
  • Social distancing
  • Sanitation
  • Traffic Management
  • Client customer relationship management and interaction
  • Contact tracking
  • Monitoring
  • Accountabilty for decsions made and implementation
  • Internal Communication
  • Reporting Arrangements