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Solving all your HR challenges so your business can thrive and grow

Attract top talent, grow a great workforce, solve your HR challenges and manage risk with friendly, down-to-earth advice from our team of HR and immigration experts.

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Solving HR headaches for New Zealand businesses

No HR person in house?

Outsource all your HR to a team you can trust.

Inexperienced HR manager?

Mentoring and coaching for people new to HR.

Finance or admin responsible for HR?

We can’t all be HR experts. Get support from experienced HR pros who know the score.

Need visas for migrant workers?

Specialists in helping NZ employers obtain employer accreditation and visas for migrants.

We know HR is hard

There’s been a skill shortage in NZ for 20 years. Finding great people is tough. Then once you find them, how do you hold onto them? And how do you do all that, while complying with ever-changing employment laws, when you’re not an HR expert?

Here’s how we can help you with your HR

Monthly HR support

Regular HR and immigration advice, plus support with employment agreements and other important documents.


HR mentoring & coaching

Mentoring or coaching for you, or your HR manager. Upskill and have a regular sounding board for your HR questions.


Labour Inspector mock audits

Manage your HR risk with this mystery visit. We audit your HR files and processes and prepare a report identifying liabilities and cost of risk.


Implementing HR systems

We can help you put in place practical processes, documents and central HR systems that comply with NZ employment law.


Immigration & HR support for your business

Get your Immigration Employer Accreditation, fast-track visas for migrant employees, and address any immigration HR compliance issues.

Justine Laing - Mimico

“We needed to obtain immigration accreditation for our company, and we were referred to Neazor Brady. We found them to be a very good fit for our organisation. Apart from their immigration expertise and knowledge, we particularly like the fact that they were able to explain complex immigration information to us in very easy to understand language that we could relate to, and our staff could understand. They were great to work with and were very relatable.”

Justine Laing - Former GM Mimico
Bernie Dalzell - Roman Blinds

“We have been working with Catherine and Connor from Neazor Brady for over 20 years. Over the years our business has really grown, and I put that down to Catherine helping us implement great HR systems and putting together a fantastic team.”

Bernie Dalzell - Owner Roman Blinds Direct NZ

Peace of mind your HR is by the book

HR can be stressful. There’s so much to think about, and if you’re not an HR expert it can feel overwhelming and scary because the stakes are high.

Working with Neazor Brady’s team of HR and immigration experts you’ll get:

  • Pragmatic advice in plain language.
  • Practical solutions for sticky HR problems.
  • Support to set up clear, centralised HR records.
  • A sounding board for all your HR questions.
  • Strategies to help you recruit top talent and keep your best people.

HR isn’t just about managing risk. It’s the foundation of your business. Imagine trying to run things without your team. How you treat them and train them makes the difference between a thriving, vibrant business, and a sinking ship.

Three steps to nailing that employer of choice buzz

Find ‘em

With NZ’s ongoing skill shortage, finding the talent you need can be a challenge. Set yourself up for success with the right job descriptions, benefits, and advertising.

Get ‘em

Nail the interview and make offers people can’t refuse. Know what really wins people over (hint, it isn’t money) and how to enrich roles to be interesting and rewarding.

Keep ‘em

How do you make your business a great place to work? From strategies for creating a great culture, to practicalities like flexible working policies, we’ve got your back.

Grow your business with the right people for the job

With over 40 years’ experience in HR, we’ve helped hundreds of NZ businesses navigate every HR problem you can imagine. We’ve been on both sides of the fence, working as HR managers for large organisations. And not only that, but we’re employers ourselves, so we understand your HR challenges first-hand.

With clients who’ve worked with us for 17+ years, long-term partnerships are our thing. We become part of your team, your trusted HR expert who’s always got your back.

Catherine Neazor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA200900436
Connor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA201000334
Jan Bott, HR Manager, AS Wilcox

 “Neazor Brady understand the rules and the changes [in Immigration and HR]. They know what they’re talking about and what the authorities are looking for.”

Jan Bott, HR Manager, AS Wilcox
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Tracey McKendry, Group Manager Administration, HR and Health &Safety

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Catherine [Neazor Brady]. She always has a sound evidence-based response to any questions. I’d say she’s one of the best in the HR field.”

Tracey McKendry, Group Manager Administration, HR and Health &Safety
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Need help with your HR headaches?

Imagine a business where everything runs smoothly. Your talented team know their jobs and do them well. Your customers are happy. The money flows in.

That’s what good HR can deliver. Your business can be that business. And it all starts with a free 30-minute consultation where we’ll explore your HR challenges.

Neazor Brady HR Accreditation and Immigration Licenses
Neazor Brady - Human Resources & Immigration

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