Employment Problems

There are opportunities and risks with employment problems, it’s best to consider all the implications.

Things don’t always run smoothly in business and sometimes, much the same as a personal life, relationship problems can occur. How we handle employment problems can impact both the outcome and potential consequences.

There are many ways to approach Employment Problems, depending on what they are.


There may be opportunities:

  • It could be a trigger to review your systems and make changes or improvements to strengthen your business performance and/or improve company culture

  • You may realise you need to create or improve performance measures, feedback or guidelines for staff

  • You may identify staff training or knowledge gaps, or you may find that your supervisors or managers need additional staff management training or support

Or there may be risks:

  • You may have to manage poor performance or a disciplinary issue

  • You may face a personal grievance, an employment dispute or a complaint to the Labour Inspector

  • You may want to negotiate with an employee to exit your business

  • There are substantial financial penalties if you make a procedural mistake in this area, even if your decision might otherwise be justified

Any of the above will require intensive time and resources from you or your managers and create risk for the business.

In a Covid-19 environment, there’s extra pressure and stress on both employers and employees, and rushed decisions have resulted in legal claims against employers being upheld by the courts.

Need some help?

If you have an employment problem, no matter how small it seems, get advice from an HR expert first.

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