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Immigration law is complex and it can seem impossible to keep up with the constant changes. Save yourself the headache and let us take care of it for you.

Get your Immigration New Zealand Employer Accreditation, fast-track visas for critical migrant employees, and address any immigration HR compliance issues with advice from our team of HR and immigration experts.


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Immigration and HR support for NZ businesses


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Get immigration right first time

Not to put too fine a point on it, immigration applications suck. You know it. We know it. Heck, Immigration New Zealand knows it. But it’s one of those things you can’t afford to get wrong, because you don’t get a second chance.

Employing migrant workers comes with its own set of immigration and HR challenges. And on 4 July 2022 it became compulsory for all employers of migrant workers to be accredited by Immigration New Zealand. If migrant workers are critical to your operations, investing in building a strong reputation with Immigration makes good business sense.

Immigration and HR support services

Visa services

Specialist visa applications for skilled migrants.


Immigration New Zealand Employer Accreditation

Become accredited to hire migrant workers.


Immigration HR compliance

The Immigration New Zealand employer accreditation process can highlight shortcomings in your HR processes and documentation. Plug those gaps.


Pastoral care plan

To become an accredited employer you'll need an employee pastoral care plan. Even if you don't have migrant workers it's a great tool to attract and keep your valuable staff. Let us take care of it for you.


“Attracting and sourcing great talent is a challenge, so we are grateful for the partnership we have with Neazor Brady who have been supporting IT Partners in securing offshore IT professionals over the past 5+ years. The confidence that Connor and the team instill throughout the immigration process is invaluable to us, along with the ongoing guidance available for our new team members – peace and ease that make what could be a complicated process feel simple.”

 Dannielle Cook - People & Culture Team Lead and Strategist

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“Neazor Brady provides us with timely and accurate immigration advice both from a strategic perspective for the company, and on an individual basis for our team. I’m really confident in the immigration advice they give our team. They are very professional and good to work with.”

Josie Keucke, National People & Culture Manager – Civtec
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More than immigration advisers and here’s why that matters

Why work with us? Why not hire someone who only does immigration, or an immigration lawyer instead?

Simply put, as HR and immigration specialists we see the big picture and we’re much better at getting the right results first time, saving you time, money, and stress.

An immigration adviser won’t check your documentation to ensure it complies with NZ employment law or identify any problems with your HR systems.

As a result:

  • You’re more likely to see your application declined.
  • You could even be prosecuted or have an alert warning placed on your file. Employment visa applications are assessed by a team from MBIE working for Immigration New Zealand. That’s the same ministry that penalises employers for not complying with employment law.
  • Worst case scenario, if you break employment or immigration law you can be blacklisted, which means that you can no longer hire migrants, and you could also be fined or even imprisoned.

We check everything, and if your documents aren’t up to scratch, our HR experts can help you fix them up, giving you a better chance of success and peace of mind.

Immigration lawyers will read your documents and may be able to tell you if they don’t comply. But they don’t have the HR expertise to help you solve any HR issues you may encounter. If you work with an immigration lawyer, you may end up hiring an HR specialist like us anyway, so why not save time and come to a one stop shop?

Three steps to immigration success


Start with a free, confidential consultation to discuss your immigration needs. If we agree we can help, we’ll send you a proposal, and as soon as you accept we start work.


You fill out a questionnaire, then we gather and review all papers for your application. If any HR gaps come up, we sort them out to give you the best chance of success.


Once paperwork goes to Immigration, they deal directly with us. Our goal is to get your application processed swiftly, and we’ll work with you if Immigration need more info.

Immigration and HR support from experienced experts

Our team has 30+ years’ experience in immigration, we’ve helped hundreds of NZ businesses obtain visas for migrant workers, and managed tens of thousands of successful visa applications. We’ve also managed resettlement programmes, and coached teams on cultural differences, so we understand the support your migrant workers need to thrive.

Every person in our team has been a migrant, so we’ve all experienced this journey personally, as well as professionally. We speak Chinese, Cambodian, Tagalog, Hindi, Punjabi, and French, and all of our Immigration Advisers are fully Licensed under the  Immigration Advisers Authority

Catherine Neazor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA200900436
Connor Brady - HR Consultant & Licensed Immigration Adviser IAA201000334
Jan Bott, HR Manager, AS Wilcox

“Neazor Brady understand the rules and the changes [in Immigration and HR]. They know what they’re talking about and what the authorities are looking for.”

Jan Bott, HR Manager, AS Wilcox
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Tracey McKendry, Group Manager Administration, HR and Health &Safety

“I couldn’t speak more highly of Catherine [Neazor Brady]. She always has a sound evidence-based response to any questions. I’d say she’s one of the best in the HR field.”

Tracey McKendry, Group Manager Administration, HR and Health &Safety
JP Marshall
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JP Marshall

Immigration FAQs

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Book a free, confidential consultation, and tell us about your immigration challenges. Together, we’ll look at what you’d like to achieve and explore your options.

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