Compulsory Immigration Employer Accreditation is coming soon – you need to get ready now!

As of next year, all employers who sponsor the visas of migrant workers will be required to obtain compulsory employer accreditation with Immigration New Zealand. If you sponsor 6 or more visa applications per year then you will be required to apply for multi-employee/premium accreditation which we believe will be a significant and complex amount of work for employers.

Even though compulsory accreditation doesn’t come in till next year, employers need to start work now to prepare for next year’s implementation.

If your application is declined, you will not be able to sponsor the visas of your current or future migrant staff.

In addition, when you present your information and documents to Immigration New Zealand you will be opening up your business to scrutiny from the Ministry of Innovation and Employment who enforce compliance with employment and other work-related legislation.

In our experience 90% of our clients do not have the necessary policies, procedures and documents in place or do not meet MBIE compliance requirements.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can assit you to prepare a robust accredited employer application.

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