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Do you employ staff on work visas?

We can help you support and retain your migrant workers and navigate the constantly changing visa rules.

Our team of highly experienced Licensed Immigration Advisers has been providing immigration advice and visa services to New Zealand employers for over 15 years. What sets us apart from other immigration advisers is our high level of in-house HR and skill shortage expertise, which allows us to take a holistic approach to supporting your business.

We can help prepare and submit visa applications for your staff, advise you what documentation and compliance is needed, help you improve your HR processes if needed, and advise what you need to do if you want to promote your migrant workers or transfer them to another branch. As a bonus, we have multilingual staff, which makes the immigration process much easier for employees and their families to understand.

Immigration law is complex, and the rules are constantly changing. When you work with us, we keep you up to date with visa and immigration changes and help you support and manage your migrant workforce effectively.

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What are You Doing to Keep your Critical Workers in New Zealand?

There are estimated to be around 250,000 temporary migrant workers in New Zealand, who may not be able to stay in the country long-term without being able to obtain residency. The recent stalling of residency requests in New Zealand has prompted many of those migrants to consider immigrating elsewhere, with more attractive employment, residency, and lifestyle opportunities. For instance:

  • Canada has opened their doors to skilled migrants and has announced plans to secure 1.2 million new permanent residents.
  • Australia is also actively looking for more skilled migrants and are increasingly looking to New Zealand for suitable candidates.

With your ability to recruit skilled workers from overseas restricted due to covid, it is vital to have a solid plan in place to encourage the migrant workers you already have, to keep working for you in New Zealand.

Let us Help you Support & Retain Your Migrant Workers

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