Over the years, New Zealand has benefited greatly from Immigration, in fact the country was built on a platform of migrants bringing new ideas, inventions and customs. The migrants may look different over time but the benefits they bring still enhance and contribute significantly to our economy and way of life.

At Neazor Brady, we have been part of this transformation for the last 20 years, not only as New Zealanders, business owners and immigration experts but as migrants ourselves. Only when you’ve been through the rollercoaster that is the immigration process yourself, can you have a full appreciation of what is involved, on a physical, mental and emotional level.

While immigration brings innovation, new  opportunities for trade and levels of expertise we often struggle to find or maintain in New Zealand, it also brings its challenges. At Neazor Brady, we  work with New Zealand companies to meet these challenges head on and reap the rewards. We like to take a holistic approach to your business and dovetail immigration with your vision, goals and daily operations. The work we do for our clients is varied and may often involve a mix of  strategic workforce planning, offshore recruitment and selection, HR and immigration compliance, preparing and submitting visa applications as well as workforce integration and cultural training.

Visa Services

Our team of in-house Licensed Immigration Advisers are specially trained to work with employers wanting to secure visas for your new of existing staff. Due to our extensive knowledge of HR and employment law, we are able to understand how your business operates and advise you on the best visa solution for your situation.

If you have migrant staff working for you or you are keen to look at how we can help grow your business and manage risk then call us today in complete confidence on 07 974 2313 or email [email protected]