Border Closures

Can I hire someone from overseas while the border is closed?

In most cases, the answer will be no. For the exceptions, there are complicated multiple step procedures that we can help with.

The facts are:

  • The New Zealand border is currently closed to everyone except New Zealand Citizens and permanent resident visa holders with valid travel conditions who have already visited New Zealand after their residence visa was approved.

  • People in those categories can arrange to travel to New Zealand but will only be allowed to board their flight if they have booked a place in Managed Isolation and Quarantine and tested negative for Covid-19.

  • A small number of workers may meet criteria for a “critical purpose” exception and be allowed to travel to New Zealand if they are granted prior permission by Immigration.

  • Immigration New Zealand has closed its offshore visa processing branches, and it is not possible for people overseas to apply for a New Zealand visa without prior permission from Immigration following a critical purpose application.

If the migrant you want to hire is not already in New Zealand, they can only travel here if they:

  • are exempt from the border restrictions, or

  • have a critical purpose reason to travel and have been granted permission to apply for a visa by Immigration New Zealand (a two-step process requiring two separate approvals) or

  • have an existing visa and are granted a critical purpose exception to travel by Immigration.

It can also be possible for dependent family members (partner and dependent children) to get critical purpose entry to New Zealand in some circumstances.

We can help!

We have been successful in getting travel permission and Critical Purpose work visas approved, although it is a complicated procedure with a high decline rate.

Whilst we can’t guarantee the application will be successful, we sincerely believe you will have a better chance of approval with good professional advice and preparation.

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