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Visa and Immigration Services for Individuals

We have helped  people from all over the world achieve their dream of living and staying in New Zealand. Our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers have all been through the immigration process themselves so they understand the roller coaster of emotions of moving your whole life to the other side of the world.

While we cover all areas of immigration advice including work, family, business and investment, we are unlike other Immigration Consultants, in that our team has a strong background in human resources and employment law. Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it is essential you can have confidence that your Immigration Adviser has the expertise to provide the best immigration advice possible and produce the best possible outcome.

The sad fact is, you may only get one chance to obtain a visa so it makes sense to take advice from people who have been through the process, who fully understand immigration law and how it works and have an excellent visa approval rate of over 98%.

COVID implications

COVID 19 has resulted in closed borders and heavy restrictions on immigration.

If you are currently in New Zealand and need to renew your visa, call us to discuss your situation and we will be able to assess whether we can assist you.

If you are outside of New Zealand, please send us a message on our Contact Page highlighting your situation and requirements and we will be able to advise whether we can assist you.

Call us to discuss your individual visa

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