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  • With over 20 years of experience, we excel at finding the right talent. We understand the
    challenges in a skills shortage market. Our rigorous selection process ensures a perfect match, and our tools assess settlement compatibility and visa eligibility. Trust our thorough background checks for peace of mind.

  • Absolutely! Our in-house team assess candidates' visa eligibility, including their families. Avoid visa delays and discover potential issues early on. We've got you covered.

  • At Neazor Brady, we understand the importance of finding candidates with industry-specific skills and experience. During our selection process, we thoroughly assess candidates to ensure they meet your specific industry requirements. We have a wide network and access to various resources to source candidates from different industries. Whether you're in IT, healthcare, engineering, or any other sector, we strive to find the right talent that aligns with your business needs.

  • We conduct rigorous checks on identity, qualifications, work history, and criminal records. Trust that the person you hire is who they claim to be.

  • Our extensive experience ensures effective reference checks. We ask the right questions,
    uncover insights, and verify candidates' claims. Don't risk hiring the wrong person.

Positions we recruit for

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare and Medical

  • Science & Tech

  • Senior Management

  • Accountancy and Finance

  • HR

  • Difficult to fill positions

1. Search

2. Selection

3. Visas

4. Settlement

How the recruiting process works.

A closer look at our process

  • We know how frustrating it is as an employer to find the talent you need to drive your business forward. After all New Zealand has been in a skills shortage for over 20 years. You may feel that you’ve tried everything, and you may even have given up. Well don’t despair, we have a solution.

    At Neazor Brady, we have been helping businesses like yours find the right people for over 20 years. Your future employee could be here in New Zealand hiding their light under a bushel or they could be on the other side of the world. Wherever they are, we will find them for you.

  • Our goal is not to get someone to work for you but to get the RIGHT person to work in your business.

    We understand that recruiting an overseas candidate is a big financial commitment and you definitely don’t want to have to repeat the process. This is why our selection process is extremely rigorous.

    We value our relationship with our employers and take the selection process very seriously.

    We not only assess candidates for their skills and experience to ensure they are perfect match, but we also use our in-house developed Migrant Settlement Compatibility Indicator tool to assess an overseas candidate’s motivation to move to New Zealand their likelihood of a successful settlement outcome.

  • In addition, our in-house Licensed Immigration Advisers assess the visa eligibility of overseas candidates and their accompanying family members to ensure no one is wasting their time.

    Unfortunately, we too often see employers pay attention to the new employee’s visa only to find out their partner or children are not eligible for a visa due mainly to health or character issues or that their applications will be delayed for a significant amount of time.

  • Unlike the majority, of recruitment agencies, ALL of our candidates undergo rigorous identity, qualification, work history and criminal history checks conducted by a New Zealand-based trusted third-party security firm, no matter where in the world they are. This gives you the peace of mind to know that the person you are hiring is exactly who they say they are.

  • We interview all of our candidates before we pass on their details to you to ensure that they not only have the relevant skills and experience but are also a good fit your business. By having us do this you don’t have to waste time interviewing lots of unsuitable candidates.You can choose to conduct the final interviews by yourself or have one of our highly experienced Recruitment Consultants sit in and support you or indeed run the interview.

  • No recruitment process should be concluded without conducting reference checks. New Zealanders are a trusting lot but sadly some people take advantage of our good nature. The good news is we have been conducting reference checks for over 20 years and not only do we know the right questions to ask, but we are also wise to the tricks some candidates can play on employers. It really isn’t worth the risk of hiring someone who looks good on paper, interviews well but then isn’t quite telling the truth. When we conduct reference checks for you, we give you a full report outlining our findings as well as any concerns we may have so you can make the best decision possible.

Why it works

From Start to Success

We handle everything from finding talent to keeping them happy.

All the Services

We do it all - search, choose, support, settle, and keep top talent.

We Don't Miss a Thing

We pay attention to all the details so everything goes smoothly.

Trustworthy and Reliable

You can trust us to come through and do an awesome job.

Easy Recruitment

We make the whole process simple and stress-free.

We Find the Right Person Every Time

We are one of New Zealand’s most experienced steel fabricators and industrial engineering providers. We have a separate business with a dedicated, stand alone cutting centre specializing in CNC Plate and Sheet Processing. We have a long history of supporting and growing local talent, but have always had a skilled migrant component in our workforce. With so many rule changes over time it has been a challenge to stay on top of how to recruit and get visas for people. Neazor Brady has been helping us with HR, recruitment and immigration for 20 years and this has helped us recruit and retain key staff, including navigating closed borders. They are always easy to talk to and can make complex issues simple. I know I don’t have to spend time trying to be an immigration expert because they are. They are very practical, and all of their staff are really focused on great customer service, whether it is towards us as an employer or towards our staff they are helping. I don’t know any other company that can offer the range of support they do, and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tracey McKendry - Group Manager Administration, HR and H&S

We offer a full range of comprehensive supply chain software management solutions for the extended supply chain across a range of industries. As a multinational with our head office based in Australia, we need a reliable partner to assist us in all the requirements for new hires and existing staff moving to work for our New Zealand company. Neazor Brady is that partner! We first worked with them in 2018, and they have assisted staff from a range of different countries. Their team provides a fantastic level of support. In fact I would describe them as amazing! They have worked with us to develop realistic timetables for onboarding new hires, worked through our need for temporary and permanent visas, and look holistically at the bigger picture without missing any details. They have been very effective in helping us ensure our HR procedures and employment documents meet New Zealand Immigration and Employment Law requirements.

Cassie Kearns, HR Manager

As New Zealand’s leading white metal bearing solutions specialists we rely on Neazor Brady to assist us with highly skilled and specialist engineering staff recruited from overseas. They have assisted us to navigate changing rules, and made it much easier for our new hires to focus on making the move and getting settled in quickly. Their involvement has shortened the process by several months in some cases, and we now involve them in all our international recruitment decisions at an early stage. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Steve Wallace, Director

Attracting and sourcing great talent is a challenge, so we are grateful for the partnership we have with Neazor Brady who have been supporting IT Partners in securing offshore IT professionals over the past 5+ years. The confidence that Connor and the team instill throughout the immigration process is invaluable to us, along with the ongoing guidance available for our new team members – peace and ease that make what could be a complicated process feel simple.

Dannielle Cook - People & Culture Manager

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