Holistic Skill Shortage Solutions

Is your business struggling to find and keep skilled workers?

We can help you mitigate the escalating skills shortage with a customised solution that covers both the current and future needs of your business.

Our unique blend of specialist HR, Immigration and employment law expertise allows us to work holistically with your business to help you create and manage a thriving and attractive workplace.

If you Don’t Do Anything – Your Skill Shortage Will Only get Worse

For the past two decades New Zealand businesses have dealt with the growing skill shortage by relying on skilled migrant workers. The covid-caused immigration restrictions combined with a lower-than-predicted post-lockdown unemployment rate have brought the skill shortage problem to a head, leaving many businesses facing an uncertain future.

The competition for skilled workers is fierce and is predicted to continue to worsen.

We can help you develop a sound strategy to ensure your business can navigate these challenging skill shortage facts:

  • The migrant worker route has been blocked due to Covid-19 Border closures.

  • Statistics New Zealand reported a drop in unemployment to 4 percent in the June 2021 quarter.

  • The population is ageing, and baby boomers are starting to leave the workforce.

  • The number of young people graduating in skilled areas, particularly trades, is declining.

  • The rocketing cost of living (particularly housing) is prompting many skilled workers to look for higher paying employment.

  • There is rampant poaching of skilled workers, with higher salaries being used to lure them to change companies.

  • Many migrant workers are leaving their current employers to work for businesses that can put them on a Work to Residence visa.

  • Skilled workers are increasingly looking to immigrate elsewhere with more attractive lifestyle and employment opportunities.

  • Canada has opened their doors to skilled migrants and has announced plans to secure 1.2 million new permanent residents.

  • Australia is also actively looking for more skilled migrants and are increasingly looking to New Zealand for suitable candidates.

Let Us Help You Develop a Thriving Workforce

We can help future-proof your business by working with you to identify what skills you need to achieve your business goals, how to secure and develop those skills, and how to remain profitable in a changing business environment.

All the skill shortage solutions we offer are based on solid planning to ensure they will position you well for the future and be positively received by your staff. Our planning will assist you to:

Stay Ahead of the Skills Shortage

We will inform you about workforce initiatives and news that could help you secure the skilled workers you need.

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  • Understand why your employees have chosen to work for you, and what will motivate them to stay.

  • Identify strategies to attract and retain the skills you need, both now and into the future.

  • Identify the most effective retention incentives for your business that will be positively received by your team.

  • Understand the impact of emerging automation in your industry and how that will affect your future people and skill requirements.

  • Identify potential changes in your business that could change or lessen your need for certain skills.

  • Identify opportunities to a develop the in-house skills you need through training and development.

  • Ensure you have the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time.

  • Become a workplace of choice.

Act Now to Future-Proof your Business

We can develop a mitigation strategy to help you support and retain staff who might be vulnerable to being poached or deciding to move overseas.

We can also work with you to develop and implement a plan to secure your future workforce and become an employer of choice.

Are you Struggling to Attract and Retain Skilled Staff?

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