Employer of Choice

Why you need to be the employer of choice in your industry

Everyone wants to work for the best employers. And, with the skills shortage we face currently, can you afford not to be an employer of choice?

Consider the facts: The competition for skilled workers is only going to increase.

  • The migrant worker route is now blocked due to Covid-19 Border closures.

  • The cost of living (particularly housing) is increasing - people will want more money.

  • The number of young people graduating in skilled areas, particularly trades, is declining.

  • The population is ageing - meaning baby boomers will shortly be leaving the workforce.

With this highly competitive and deteriorating market for skilled employees, businesses face some tough choices.

You must either adapt your business to fit with the employment market or try to become an employer of choice in your industry where everybody wants to work for you.

If your business is struggling to recruit new workers, have you ever honestly asked yourself why?

  • Are there no workers out there with the skills you need?

  • Don’t they want to live in your city?

  • Do they want more money?

  • Do they want flexible/better work hours?

  • Or, are they going to work for your competitors? If so, why?

Ask your employees why they choose to work for you.

You might be surprised at their answers. People have different motivations and needs and not everyone fits tidily into the same box.

Remember, as an employer of choice skilled employees will actively want to work for you and seek you out.

So, what can you change to become an employer of choice?

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • How do we pay compared to competitors (the places candidates go rather than us)?

  • Are there really no good candidates out there with the skills I need? What do the official figures say? (Not your gut feel.)

  • How flexible are the working hours and locations in my business? Can we make changes to attract people? Just because you’ve always done it this way doesn’t mean you can’t adapt.

  • What training and ongoing professional development do you provide to your employees?

  • What are the opportunities for promotion or project work?

  • Are you able to vary the routine to make the work more interesting?

  • Do you involve your employees in the decision-making process, or at least ask them for their ideas?

  • Do you provide a company-wide incentive bonus? When everybody chips in, do you share the benefits?

  • Do you provide a place for people to relax, play, share?

  • Do you have a set break and lunch time, or can employees take their break when they need it?

  • As a business owner, are your employees able to talk to you, or do you have a hierarchical structure?

  • How do you reward the most productive workers in your organisation?


If you’re losing out on good people, don’t keep struggling.

Let’s have a confidential discussion over a cup of coffee and see what we can do to help.

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