Skills Shortage

Why is there a skills shortage in New Zealand?

Quite simply, we’re facing a skills shortage due to a lack of workforce planning.

If you ask any employer what the biggest problem facing their busines is, they’ll more than likely say there’s a shortage of quality, skilled and experienced staff.

In fact, going back as far as 2004, the skills shortage was cited as the biggest problem facing businesses.

So why haven’t things changed?

The answer lies in medium and long-term workforce planning, or the lack thereof.

For too long, our small and medium size businesses have planned only 12 months ahead or taken the “she’ll be right approach”.

These businesses often firefight their way out of trouble by poaching staff from other businesses or hiring migrant workers.

These were only ever temporary solutions and not truly sustainable. And now the border closure has made our skills shortage a lot more immediate.

With the added pressure of Covid-19 and businesses having to reassess and re-evaluate what products or services they offer, attention naturally turns to the capability of their employees. And this is where Strategic Workforce Planning comes in.

Let’s sit down over a cup of coffee, discuss the skills your business is going to need to meet your business objectives, and how we can help to put a plan in place.

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